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Managing Data Migration to the Cloud and Auto Synching

Network Disk Network Disk Network Disk

Mission: Network Disk™, Inc. provides for provides incremental storage upgrades of legacy systems without disrupting data center operations. We develop storage software for integrators to build a PC-based storage system that can be installed between a legacy storage system and a server or a cloud. Target customer is a midrange-sized company or a government agency that needs an incremental storage upgrade to terabytes of storage in hundreds without disruptive and expensive system upgrades. This technology is also applicable to auto synching in the cloud.


U.S. Patents No. 6,549,988 and 8,225,002 and Applications 13/527,126 and 14/997,327.


Amazon certified AWS trainer and consultant on cloud migration strategies.

SBIR Research Program: Rapid advancement of mobile technologies have created a myriad of complex interfaces. The need for secure interfaces have further exacerbated the complexity of those interfaces. This creates a difficult situation for a user trying to chose a secure technology that is easy to use and scalable. This proposal addresses the need for secure mobile interface by integrating encryption services for data-in-transit while it's being sent via wireless network and for data-at-rest while data is being stored on a mobile device.


  • Secure Mobile Interfaces for Business Systems
  • Gateway Interface for C4ISR Platforms and their Assets
  • Secure Peer-to-Peer Object Repository for JBI
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