An Overview of the JBI-SPORE Repository
Secure Peer-to-Peer Object Repositories (SPORE) for the Joint Battlespace Infosphere (JBI)



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SPORE (Secure Peer-to-peer Object Repositories for Enterprises) is a scalable, reliable, and secure storage architecture, where the physical storage of the system is based on the P2P broker model.  SPORE is unique in that it manages the storage of generic information objects, and it addresses security issues such as access control, the logging and analysis of system events, and secured physical storage – issues that have not been collectively addressed by current P2P storage..  It accomplishes this through a four-layer design with a P2P foundation – these layers are 1) a SPORE Interface Layer, 2) an Access Control and Logging Layer, 3) a Security and Reliability Layer, and 4) a Peer-to-Peer Storage Layer.

Keywords: Joint Battlespace Infosphere, JBI, P2P, Information Management, Access Control

Note: This is the abstract for the Final Report of the SBIR Phase I Report for AF02-110 “Secure Peer-to-Peer Object Repository.” For additional information and a copy of the full report (if applicable) please send email to info@NETWORKDISK.COM