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Network Disk, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

[Android Security Toolkit]

[Concepts for a library that will fortify mobile applications]

Ilya Gertner

1. Identification and Significance of the Problem

  Production of commercial mobile devices is a very hot industry: new product announcements and major upgrades are almost a weekly occurrence. Those new products, although competitively priced, offer new functions and improved performance. This creates a challenge for Department of Defense (DoD). How does DoD take advantage of such rapid advances in technology without jeopardizing security requirements demanded by DoD applications?

Existing approaches to improving mobile security such as NSA SE Android kernel address some of the security challenges but fail in flexibility of implementation which is necessary in order to keep pace with advances in technology. Installing a new kernel on a mobile device is a major undertaking and cannot be implemented on a massive scale without an accepted standard and/or cooperation of major vendors.

This proposal is about creating a secure tool kit, which is just a mobile app, that can make other applications secure. This is a very general approach to mobile computing. It can solve secure deployment of mobile devices on submarines; it can also be used to solve security challenges in other federal problems. For example, Network Disk approach can be used to support secure business interfaces in PRIDE, which is a system for Personalized Recruiting for Immediate or Delayed Enlistment. This was one of the objectives of SBIR N122-149, Secure Business Interfaces for Mobile Systems. In addition, Android secure tool kit could be applied to the vast world of commercial Android apps that could advantage of enhanced security.

Key words: Mobile systems, PRIDE, Secure, Business Interfaces

Note: This is the introduction to the proposal N132-115-1191, Android Security Toolkit. For a copy of the full proposal (if applicable) please send email to info@NETWORKDISK.COM